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TOK Corporation Limited

Employment services fit into 4 broad categories: management consultants, recruitment groups, employment law and trade unions. TOK Corporation was established to bring working people together to evaluate local business units or workplaces with 50 or more employees under their command or authority. We aim to publish annual reports on the people who control humanities income. Our mission is to become the world’s primary source of information: on enterprise, on employment, on the workplace, on work.

Community Interest Company

TOK Corporation Limited was registered at Companies House on the 4th February 2019 with the intention to convert to a Community Interest Company (CIC) after our initial introduction campaign TOKCIC Genesis. CICs come under the supervision of the CIC regulator appointed by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. As a CIC TOK Corporation can ensure that our operations are geared towards the benefit of working communities while retaining some of the flexibility of a limited company. Features like the dividend cap ensure that 65% of profits are reinvested in working communities, the remaining 35% of profit can be distributed between shareholders while the asset-lock ensures that any assets held by the company will be used to support working communities.

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James Stevens, director of TOK Corporation completed a Bsc in Politics, Philosophy and Economics with The Open University in 2016 and spent 5 years as a UnitetheUnion shop steward working with both the European and International Transport Workers Federation. On social media @JimmDiezel.



The community council consists of 10 departments representing various sectors of society: Family, Residential, Industrial, Corporate, Spiritual, Youth, Activists, International, Educational and Commercial. Each department will be compiled of 10 members.



The Ambassadors Assembly consists of ambassadors for each Pillar of Harmony with the assembly selecting one ambassador to produce a report on each Pillar every month.

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