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Tee Video

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Objective: Promote TOKCIC T-Shirt merchandise.

TOK Corporation will pursue public support and approval in a campaign to encourage celebrities and local icons to autograph T-Shirts that will be auctioned. During the project, we will work in coordination with trade unions and youth groups to conduct a T-Shirt design competition. This will be the foundation of our local integration approach. Initially #SignTheseTees campaigns will be conducted for each borough in London. We will coordinate a T-Shirt design competition for each borough in which young people will submit designs and vote to select a local T-Shirt design based around a basic stylised format. TOK Corporation will then approach public figures from each borough to autograph the local T-Shirt alongside memorabilia to be sold at auction. 50% of proceeds will be distributed between local community groups and social/healthcare providers. 25% of proceeds will go to support a local community project. 25% will be retained by TOK Corporation to promote and facilitate the development of The TOK Workers' Report and The Human Trade Assessment.

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