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Objective: Recruit 22 workplaces across London to conduct local assessment.

Project Mayfair will be conducted in two stages.The project name is based on TOKs connection to the Old Kent Road and the locations connection the Monopoly game. We aim to approach Hasbro to develop a licensing agreement to publish a version of Monopoly that gives recognition to the workplaces that participate during the project.

Stage One

TOK Corporation will focus activities on a selection of workplaces around the London Borough of Southwark within close proximity to the Old Kent Road. TOK will begin collecting data using the Workers’ Report Card while promoting the assessment amongst across social media and publicising or activities and experiences. TOK will focus on the road transport, commercial logistics and warehousing sector and will encourage competition between each workforce and their respective management. During the project TOK intends to establish a reputation as the architects of the worlds first workers’ workplace report and ensure that the public see a clear distinction between our mission and employee experience or satisfaction surveys. TOK will use social media to promote participation from workers' around London and use results from the Workers' Report Card to direct the TOKCIC Genesis campaign and expand local engagement. Our main objective will be to recruit 22 workplaces around London for the full assessment and report as we seek endorsements from trade unions, public figures and community groups.

Estimated Costs

  • Technical Equipment - £5,950

  • Office Equipment - £150

  • Office Supplies - £1,190

  • Vehicle Costs - £12,500

  • Transport Budget - £7,610

  • Office Location - £14,400

  • Utility Bills - £2,640

  • Insurance Costs - £2,900

  • Administration - £8,750



Stage Two

During stage two TOK will conduct a local assessment on the 22 workplaces recruited at stage one. These workplaces will then be used as locations on the TOK Monopoly board subject to a licensing agreement with Hasbro.

Estimated Costs

  • Technical Equipment - £6,525

  • Office Equipment - £550

  • Office Supplies - £2,750

  • Vehicle Costs - £1,500

  • Transport Budget - £9,400

  • Legal Services - £8,000

  • Administration - £17,500

  • Payroll - £23,520



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