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The Pillars of Harmony

The Human Trade Assessment was created to give communities a way to identify the comprehensive impact of commercial employment on working people. The assessment brings working people together to evaluate their workplaces as social systems using 12 distinct categories of social utility:

  • Reward

  • Development

  • Security

  • Safety

  • Equality

  • Ecology

  • Integrity

  • Wellbeing

  • Autonomy

  • Family

  • Dignity

  • Solidarity


These essential elements of a free, fair and healthy society define TOK Corporation's Pillars of Harmony and are the foundation of The Old Kent Workers' Report.



The assessment begins with the introduction to TOK Corporation, action research, social accounting, community-based monitoring, The Human Trade Assessment and The TOK Workers’ Report.



Workers' Report Card

The first exercise. TOK Corporation will issue the Workers ReportCard (WRC). The WRC is modelled on the Citizen Report Card, a participatory survey first developed in Bangalore by the Public Affairs Centre (PAC). WRCs and CRCs allow community members to conduct their own independent assessment on the provision of local services. They were created to raise awareness of user entitlement and while collecting data on the distribution of welfare and local wellbeing. Our WRCs were developed to give working people the ability to complete their own independent evaluation of their workplace or employment platform within 5 minutes. Click here to complete your report card.



Community Scores

The second exercise. Community Scoring is an exercise created to bring service users together with public service providers to monitor and evaluate the needs of the local community. In stage 3 participants evaluate data from the WRCs.

The workers and management form separate groups and use results from the WRC’s to identify the main concerns of each workforce. During the exercise both groups list available resources and select several new data-points related to the areas of concern identified by the WRC’s. Each group develops a community score for each new data-point. These new data-points and community scores will be the foundation of each groups improvement strategy and will be used to measure/monitor improvement or decline in each workplace, enterprise or industry.



The Workers' Report

TOK Corporation facilitates an interface meeting between the workforce and management. The aim is to combine the improvement strategies to create an action plan that addresses the concerns of the workforce. During the meeting, it is essential that facilitators maintain a constructive dialogue and encourage both the workers’ and the management to collaborate to develop concrete objectives with timelines that can be measured and reviewed. The report cards, resource list, data-points, community scores and improvement strategy are then combined to create a report for each workplace, enterprise or industry before TOK combines these annual reports to produce The TOK Workers’ Report.




The final process is institutionalisation. We intend to conduct assessments on an annual basis to monitor changes over time while engaging in a public campaign to raise awareness and build endorsement through social media as participants help TOK to shape and improve the assessment.

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